Expert Stain Removal

Stains should be treated immediately by a professional – Call Orange Coast Clean first thing.

The longer a spot remains, the more difficult it will be to remove. Unfortunately, most stains are set by the first person that treats them. Orange Coast Clean carries the finest stain removal products and tools on the market today. Our cleaning technician comes fully prepared to deal with all these common house spills, stains, and more! Coffee, Tea, Wine, Nail Polish, Lipstick, Paint, Crayon, Ink, Juice, Wax, and Chewing Gum.

Treatment of minor household stains and spots is included in our standard service for all carpet and upholstery cleaning. We cannot ethically guarantee 100% stain removal, because no carpet or upholstery is absolutely stain-proof. What we CAN guarantee is that all our cleaning technicians are trained in stain removal, and will do everything technically correct to try to remove stains.

Our expert topical stain removal uses professional-grade spot and stain removers that are applied to the surface fibers.

Specialty Cleaning

For more serious problems such as urine, vomit, wine, blood, or feces, we offer Specialty Cleaning.

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